Crowfall Kickstarter Approaching $800,000 Funding Goal Within Days

Entering the world of crowd-source funding can be a terrifying and daunting experience for any developer and while it often results in disappointment, it can also surpass all expectations, on occasion. Crowfall’s Kickstarter began earlier this week and wasted no time in showing its funding potential, attracting 4,000 backers to the project within hours and amassing a staggering $450,000 of its $800,000 funding goal.

As of today, just 48 hours after the day the Kickstarter began, Crowfall is celebrating 7,409 backers and $706,835 of its goal. With over 3 weeks left on the games Kickstarter campaign, the skies the limit for the highly anticipated MMO strategy & RPG hybrid.

Crowfalls success on Kickstarter shouldn’t really come as a surprise to those with industry experience. With the likes of J. Todd Coleman (Wizard 101, Shadowbane) and Gordon Walton (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic) leading the charge, ArtCraft Entertainment have all the necessary experience and industry expertise to take Crowfall straight to the top.

Source: Kickstarter

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