Cryptic WildStar Puzzle Solved

If you have seen the recent developer diary for WildStar you may have just missed a cryptic clue revealed in the first few seconds of the video. To the untrained eye the clue just appeared to be a random selection of characters, digits and images, with no real meaning or purpose. However, to keen eyed WildStar fan, this was all they needed to begin an epic search for the answer.

In almost heroic fashion WildStar communities from across the web joined forces to share intelligence and ideas surrounding these mystic clues. The combined intelligence of the internet actually came through for once as the community discovered a link to a hidden YouTube video. So what is it? What was the clue all about?

Well the new video showcased one of the games exciting mounts…but it’s only bloody Hoverboard! The short gameplay scene shows a character whizzing around the landscape as he launches off cliffs, performs tricks and in general, just has a kick-ass time.

Will these Hoverboards work on water? Even without POWAH? We’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, check out the best Wildstar price on the web.

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