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Today on the Daily XP:
Dead Island Epidemic Asks for Closed Beta Testers | [timer]32[/timer]
The Rust Alpha Brings In More Than One Million in Sales | [timer]63[/timer]
Awakening of Heroes MOBA Asking For Alpha Testers | [timer]108[/timer]

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Deep Silver recently announced the beginning of the closed
beta sign-ups for its upcoming zombie-themed MOBA game based on the Dead Island
Franchise, Dead Island Epidemic.  The
game was first announced in August of last year, but we’ve seen very little
from the developer since then. 
Apparently the Alpha test went well so they are ready to bring min more
players to help make Epidemic the best possible ZOMBA, Zombie MOBA,
possible.  With a promise of fast-paced
action driven combat where players battle it out for control of vital supply
points, the Dead Island MOBA is one I am looking forward to.

I guess the popular thing nowadays is to sell alpha access
to your game, and roll in the cash.  At
least that’s what it seems like with the critical success of both the DayZ
Standalone’s alpha and now Rust, who reached one million in sales.  A twitter post from the creator, Garry Newman
revealed that Rust hit 1 million units sold since its release in December.  Which got me thinking.  Do you guys like the fact that games are
releasing and selling Alpha access to the public?  Have you bought DayZ or Rust or EverQuest
Next Landmark or any of the other games selling Alpha access?  Let me know below!

And lastly, one of our fans finally sent us some news!  We’ve been advertising to you for weeks that
we don’t know everything going on in the MMO world, so please send us any
stories.  MMO Serbia let us know that a
new game from a Serbian Developer, of course, has begun asking for players to
register for Alpha keys.  Awakening of
Heroes, a MOBA game in which a bunch of ordinary folks become heroes is asking
for Alpha sign-ups on its website.  What
do we know about the game?  Well, there’s
not much, a Video is coming soon and there is some info on a few of the heroes
of the game, which include a grandma, a schoolboy, a butcher and a chick with a
whip.  Check out awakening of

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