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Today on the Daily XP:
The Elder Scrolls Online Let’s You Skip Through Intro Quests on Re-roll | [timer]28[/timer]
Star Citizen Continues to Blast Through Stretch Goals | [timer]75[/timer]
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Kickstarter Campaign Comes Up Short | [timer]126[/timer]

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So let’s say you’re playing your favorite MMO, you’ve
leveled up a few characters and you want to try out that new .. bard class ..
that everyone is talking about.  You
re-roll, pick an awesome new name like, Grangafor and you set out on your
journey.  But, oh god, now you’ve gotta
run through all the newbie quests again, learning the ‘story’ about your
character, killing ten rats, and collecting ten rat butts, like you have for
the past 5 re-rolls.  Never fear though,
Zenimax Online Studios may have the answer to what ails you in The Elder
Scrolls Online.  Now, it’s not confirmed
yet, but some information on a new update has surfaced with some changes on the
PTS server.  The Reddit user found an NPC
that completes all quests, saving you from having to do them every-time you
start a new character.  There are other
changes as well, there always are, you can find them at

Now we have a tale of two Kickstarter campaigns.  One, a massive success with millions of
dollars raised, the other, well .. not so much of a success.  OK, so we start with Star Citizen, who took
to Kickstarter back in September 2013 to ask for a measly 500,000 to start up
their space combat and exploration MMO. 
As we sit, about 6 months later, the company has just surpassed 39
million dollars.  And no that’s not a
typo.  With the new stretch goal reached,
a brand new star system is being added to the game, which was voted on by you,
the users.  The next stretch goal
however, is the one everyone is talking about, it will give the developers the
tools to utilize a new technology that will allow for entire planets to be
created dynamically, offering an infinite array of possibilities when players
explore the Star Citizen world.  I think
they’ll hit that, don’t you?

Visionary Realms would love to be coming up with stretch
goals when they reach the 39 million dollar range.  And who knows, maybe they will at some point,
but not now.  Pantheon: Rise of the
Fallen, the MMORPG venture by Brad McQuaid, of EverQuest glory, failed to reach
its Kickstarter goal of $800,000.  The
developers removed some restrictions on the campaign to try to reach the goal
on the final day, but alas, came up short. 
So what do they do now?  Well, the
team is not giving up on the game, hardly, they will probably try to work
harder now to get the game finished. 
They have started up a funding page on their own website, that has the
same tiers and goals as their Kickstarter page. 
It’s important to note, if you were one of the original pledges on
Kickstarter, to go pledge again, as your support was not charged.

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