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What’s up Attackers, Today is Thursday February 6th.  Kirk here with your Daily MMO News, brought
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Bless announces their closed beta date.  Your
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Today on the Daily XP:
Bless Online Announces Closed Beta Date in Korea | [timer]33[/timer]
Elite: Dangerous Begins Alpha Testing | [timer]64[/timer]
Latest Warframe Patch Includes New Weapons and Warframe | [timer]101[/timer]

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Alright, so i’ll start off with the most interesting story
of the day.  The closed beta date for
Bless Online has finally been announced.
On the Bless Media Event a host of information was released, which of
course includes the beta date, as well as a new trailer and the system
requirements.  The application period for
the test runs form today through February 16th, while the test itself begins on
February 20th, through the 23rd.  Awesome
right!  Well, temper your enthusiasm, the
test is only for Korean players.  But i’m
sure some of you computer wizzes out there can figure out how to play

Frontier Developments today announced that the alpha testing
for Elite: Dangerous is now underway for those that pledged support during the
Kickstarter campaign.  If you don’t
remember Elite: Dangerous, it may be because the Kickstarter ended just over a
year ago, but let’s not have that spoil the fun.  So what will the first backers be able to
experience in the multiplayer open world combat exploration game?  Free for all melee, co-operative defense of a
crippled Federal battlecruiser, a more sophisticated Pirates and Bounty Hunters
mode and more.  Now, before you blow off
this story because you didn’t pledge on Kickstarter, it’s still possible to
gain access with a purchase on the official website.  It’s only 200 euros.

The latest Warframe patch has hit us right in the face.  The 5.5 million strong community welcome
Update 12: Zephyr Rises, which includes a brand new HUD, additional weapons, a
new game mode and of course, of course, a new Warframe.  The Zephyr Warframe specializes in aerial
attacks, dominating opponents from above.
The new Phage Shotgun, a Jet powered Polearm and a dual UZI are among
the new weapons.  If you still haven’t
checked out Warframe yet, then what the fuck are you waiting for?  This is the type of free to play game you
should be pining for.

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