League of Legends Bot Lane Synergy – Jinx and Thresh

Bottom Lane Synergies between your Support and AD Carry can help get your team off to a great start.  This week on League of Legends Bot lane Synergies we take a look at Jinx and Thresh.

What’s up Summoners, Ashley and TJ here with another episode of League of Legends, Bot Lane Synergies.  On Today’s episode we take a look at the duo Jinx and Thresh.  Thresh the chain warden is a versatile support champion, who excels in engaging and defensive CC.  The Thresh Prince comes with an array of tools, weapons and lanterns that make him an excellant bot lane partner.  Jinx the Loose Cannon is one of the newest ADC’s in the game.  This hyper-carry excels at extreme amounts of AOE damage, and is a huge lane bully.  She comes equipped with two steroids, her passive and her Q toggle.
While in lane, Jinx and Thresh together make a deadly duo.  Thresh has the tools that allow Jinx to effectively use her kit.  If he manages to land a hook, that’s a free Flame Chompers into Zap combo.  Also keep in mind that Jinx is a low mobility ADC, and Thresh supplies lanterns that help get her out of a sticky situations.  Jinx and Thresh are able to close out a whole lane with Thresh’s ult and jinx chompers.  This gives jinx more time to activate her passive, and kite while the whole enemy team has been zoned.  Thresh can easily keep Jinx safe from any assassin with his hook, flay and lantern making her a tricky target to catch.  Now let’s take a look at this Duo send their enemies in to chaos.
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