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an exp boost weekend in Star Trek Online, player housing in Star Wars the Old
Republic and ANOTHER beta weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online.  Your daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Star Trek Online Announces Double XP Weekend | [timer][/timer]
Star Wars the Old Republic Announces In-Game Housing | [timer][/timer]
The Elder Scrolls Online’s Beta Weekends Continue | [timer][/timer]

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If you’re
still struggling to make the captain’s chair in Star Trek Online, then maybe
this weekend can be a chance for you to make up some ground.  Cryptic Studios has announced a huge
experience boost that begins today and runs through Monday March 10th.  You will see a 100% increase in exp that
extends to all activities that reward skill points and expertise.  Along with the event, players who missed the
Fleet Project will have a chance to take part in reruns which can help you upgrade
the interiors of your holdings.

Bioware has
finally announced player housing for Star Wars the Old Republic.  Since the games launch two years ago, the
community has been crying out for housing to make the cut into the game, and
although it’s taken a while, those cries have finally been heard.  Sadly, the information is incredibly limited
at this point, basically during a community event the dev team said that it’s
coming, and showed a brief video, but that was it.  Oh well, it’s not often we can get excited
about a couch.

Finally, a
leak from IGN hints at yet another Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend, which,
shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. 
Yes, we all know the game is coming out in a little under a month now,
so the developers have been banging out beta weekends at record pace.  If it were my guess, I’d think the beta
weekend would be open to anyone who has played in a previous beta, with
thousands upon thousands of keys being given out to any site that wants them,
including ones like ours .. wink wink.  I’m
assuming at this point most of you who have wanted to try ESO have played it,
and you probably don’t want to level up a character that will be wiped soon

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