Dark Blood Online

[stat=Developer]JCR Soft Co[/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]~2GB[/stat]
[/review]Darkblood Online is a PvP fighting game where players compete against one another in awesome arena style combat. The game is not for the faint of heart as it features mature content. The battles get very bloody and intense. In the game there are several arenas that players may be put into, and each one has different tactics that need to be used in order to survive.

As the descendant of a fallen hero, it is your task to discover the evil seeking to take over the world, and use mysterious powers to overcome it. Engage others in exciting, fast paced action. Utilize skills, combos. and abilities to overcome your opponents. You will be forced to fight in a bloody arena, where only the strongest will survive and be recognized.

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