DC Universe Online Announces New Content

The producers over at Sony Online Entertainment have just enlightened us on their next DLC Pack entitled Hand of Fate. Hand of Fate marks the fifth DLC pack for the popular free to play superhero MMORGP DC Universe Online.

Hand of Fate will bring a whole new type of gameplay which was designed from the ground up to draw players out into their iconic open-world cities, Gotham City and Metropolis. The DLC Pack will feature loads of side missions and a brand new type of group mission that they are calling Operations. SOE says that hand of Fate will enrich their massive open world in unexpected ways, deepening and enlivening the game as players encounter new worlds and challenges.

The backstory of Hand of Fate is still shrouded in secrecy, but the producers say that it will pit Doctor Fate and his heroic supporters against the evil sorcerer Felix Faust. This will be a classic tale of magic and mystery as you take on Faust and his villainous cohorts. Of course, when magic is involved, anything can happen.

In addition to Operations and new side missions the update is also bringing in utility belts. These belt attachments will feature useful and fun upgrades for players in all aspects of the game. There will be a variety of belts, offering anywhere from two to four utility compartments or slots. The belts are able to equip both offensive and defensive consumables, toys or trinkets.

There will be more information shared to players as they get closer to the release of Hand of Fate in the second half of September.

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