Dark Blood Review

Rating: 6

Intro: In Dark Blood you are the descendant of a demon-slayer of centuries past. It is your destiny to adventure across the lands and rediscover the ancient evil that returns.

Publisher: Outspark

Player base: Low

Graphics: Medium


Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Duels, Arena

File size: 3GB

Pros: Fast paced action, Decent character customisation, Easy to learn.

Cons: Repetitive, Buggy.


The universe is composed of multidimensional worlds called Queanas. All Queanas exist in pairs, two worlds entangled together by countless number of invisible ties, distorted mirror images unable to separate from each other. There exists?Queana Atarsia, a world where giant reptiles once roamed the forests and fairies dotted the fields. Over 10,000 years, Human Kings of Blood & Iron bent Atarsia to serve their needs, their power and will engulfing the very beauty that once was. All Queanas exist in pairs. Atarsia’s pair is Hetarsia where demons and dragons dwell. The Demon invasion of Atarsia began through the Channel of Dimensions. The heroes of Atarsia fought hard to defeat the demons and finally suceeded at a high cost. Now, after 500 years, the demons rise again to be defeated once more.


Dark Blood consists of four class archetypes familiar to most MMO’s. The Warrior, the Mage, the Knight and the Hunter. Each class separates into two sub-classes each. Each class has its own skill set.

Quests are available to help you level up. You can start a quest by finding an NPC with ‘!’ over it’s head. There is a main quest line shown in yellow. Sub-quests are shown in blue.

There are many monsters to fight in Darkblood but they can get repetitive. For example Bear, Fire Bear, Bear under spell and Wounded Bear can all be fought just during the starting area. And the less said about the multitudes of goblin types the better.

In Dark Blood, dungeons are where all the action happens. Dungeons are where you will face fierce monsters, acquire loot, gain experience and sharpen your combat skills. Almost all dungeons have different difficulty settings you can choose. Certain difficulties settings are required to complete specific quests, so be on the look out for this. Most dungeons are found on the edge of towns. If you observe the map of the town, you will see what dungeons are available in the area and also the level requirements for those dungeons.

Dark Blood currently has two modes of PvP: Field Duelling and the Arena. After reaching level 8, players will be able to challenge other players that are at least level 8 to a Duel in town. Use these opportunities to sharpen your fighting skills for Arena battles.

This game is recommended if you are just looking for something to pass the time or if you are in between games.

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