Fiesta Online Review

Rating: 7.5

Intro: Fiesta Online is a full 3D cartoon fantasy MMORPG based on brilliant and dynamic cartoon style graphic images using cel-shading techniques. This game can appeal to people of all ages from different cultures. It is enduringly popular and a recommended game for anybody who likes anime-style MMO’s.

Publisher: Outspark

Player base: High

Graphics: Medium


Exp Rate: Low

PvP: Zoned

File size: 3GB

Pros: Simple interface, Stunning cel-shaded graphics, Easy to learn.

Cons: Gets repetitive.


The Universe is a primal force known as Legal, which has both creation and destruction in its nature. Things live and die quickly in this force but there are areas of calm. In one area the goddess Teva and the world of Isya came into existence. Teva watched over the world of Isya and watched Humans and Elves being born and marvelled at their ability to survive against the odds. When Legal came to destroy Isya, Teva fought him so hard that he fragmented into many Gods. Legal kept the power of Chaos for himself but Teva sealed him away deep into the world.

When the Gods of Darkness rose, Teva fought and defeated them too but lost her strength and fell into a deep slumber leaving a warning to the Humans and Elves that they may return once more. It is now your duty to stop these dark Gods from rising again.


The classes in Fiesta Online are Warrior, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Joker. The first four are common archetype names in MMO games whereas the Joker can be compared to the assassin archetype. Each of these five classes have two branches of specialisation later in the game.

You have the option of joining a guild in Fiesta Online to gain help in understanding of the game and also dungeon running. A guild can declare war on another guild with only five minutes of warning. A war lasts an hour.

In Fiesta Online you have the possibility to use a Blacksmith to upgrade your weapons and armour. A Smithy, as they are known in the game, can strengthen your equipment – or just make it look nice. If you want a glowing sword or shiny shield, go to a Smithy and they will fix you up.

To rest in Fiesta Online you can use a mini-house. These look like giant toadstools and come in many styles.

There are many quests in the game. A successfully completed quest will give you gold, items, additional experience points and fame. Certain NPCs also allow you to choose an item from a selection. Alongside unique and repeatable quests, some NPCs offer progressive quests. To complete the later stages of these quests you will probably need to form a group with other players.

Crafting skills are available to learn, using these allows you to make potions and materials amongst other things.

Overall, Fiesta Online is a simple and lovable game with straightforward MMO aspects but stands unique in style.

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