Dark Fantasy Sandbox MMO Das Tal Hits Greenlight

Fairytale Distillery today announced that the hotly anticipated PvP focused sandbox MMORPG, Das Tal, is preparing to invade Steam libraries around the world as the game approaches the 80% mark on its journey through Steam Greenlight. The developers are calling upon fans to help give Das Tal the final push it needs to reach the 100% mark and launch on the popular Steam platform.

Das Tal hopes to capture the imagination of the PvP sandbox crowd with an exciting selection of unique features that help distinguish the title from the flood of poor sandbox releases in recent years. Players will have the opportunity to form clans and construct their own strongholds, fight other players in full loot PvP without restrictions or a flagging system and engage in a player-driven economy that heavily relies on a groups ability to defend and capture different resources.

Today the developers released a new video demonstrating the games current state in Alpha, alongside some information on where the team are going next. Check it out below:

Das Tal -(now: The Exiled) October Update: Stealth, Tracking and Skill System Rework

Source: Press Release

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