Das Tal Summer Alpha Key Giveaway

Das Tal Summer Giveaway mmoatk-1280-720

[keys id=136383]

We have teamed up with Fairytale Distillery to give our fans a chance to play in the Summer Alpha Test for Das Tal, the Sandbox Survival Arena game!

Das Tal is the world’s first Sandbox Survival Arena – bringing together MOBA tactics and Sandbox MMO strategy. It makes MMOs fun again for PvP fans. No more grind. No more pay-to-win. No more tab-targeting. The game is designed to be compatible with the busy life of an adult gamer. Das Tal rests on the three defining pillars; Meaningful Conflict, Skill-Based Combat, and Constantly Changing Worlds.

[heading]How to Redeem Your Code[/heading]
1.) Go to http://www.das-tal-game.com/download and download the game patcher for your operating system.
2.) Un-zip the patcher to a folder of your choice.
3.) Run the launcher(.exe) to patch the game client.
4.) When done patching click “play”.
5.) Select your screen resolution and details.
6.) Press “Play!” again.
7.) In the login screen click “New Account”.
8.) Pick a user name and pass word.
9.) Now enter your alpha key (copy & paste works) in the “Registration Key” field.
10.) Back in the login screen click “login”. Your account name and password should be filled in.
11.) Enter your email address (twice).
12.) Click “Send verification mail”.
13.) Go to your email inbox and click the confirmation mail in the email from “Fairytale Distillery team”.
14.) Now go back into the game and you’re in the character creation screen.

New World Map, Phalanx Class And Alpha Details For Das Tal

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€300,000 Increase To Budget For Das Tal

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German-based video-game investment fund, FFF Bayern, today announced alongside developers Fairytale Distillery that they have invested in the German independent MMORPG Das Tal, with an additional €100,000 on its previous €80,000. Combine this with a recent angel investor doubling the funds previously raised by developers Fairytale Distillery and you’ve got full production budget that has … Read more

Das Tal Free 24 Hour Access Event Announced

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Das Tal Weekend Stress Test Event Announced

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