Rusty Hearts Getting in the Valentine?s Spirit

Free-to-play hack and slash MMO Rusty Hearts is getting a big content update, and just in time for Valentine?s. The new update, titled ?Requiem,? brings the story back to the missing Amelia and her friend Franz?s? desperate attempts to track her down.
You?ll find a new character to purchase in the cash shop, an increased level cap, tons of new items to use and a brand new world to explore. There?s also a new high-end dungeon, as well as four normal-difficult dungeons for grouped players. New skills and enemies are also on the list ? it?s a pretty massive update to what is one of the more interesting free online RPG games on the web.
Here are some of the highlights provided by the Rusty Hearts team:

  • Natasha makes her first appearance in Rusty Hearts lore and becomes an integral part of the team
  • Fluffy wreaks havoc in his monstrous return after a brief glimpse in the prologue/tutorial
  • Frantz search for his lost love Amelia heats up
  • Gerald continues his twisted and demented ways as he creates an alliance with Cipher to acquire more power
  • The Golden Seal team investigates the Opera House in an effort to locate the enigmatic power source brining all the marionettes to life.
  • The team?s investigation brings them to uncharted depths of the theater where they encounter one of the biggest enemies ever seen.

If you want to see the full list of changes, check out the official Rusty Hearts website. Otherwise, stay tuned for Requiem on February 14.

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