Darkfall: New Dawn Developers Respond To Client Security Concerns

Following the recent news suggesting that Darkfall: Unholy Wars is coming to an end community members turned their hopes to Darkfall: New Dawn but reports suggesting the code featured massive security flaws once again saw the community unsure of the games future – today developers Ub3rgames responded.

Ub3rGames obtained licensing rights from Aventurine which came with Darkfall code that was reported to feature huge security flaws that would put both the integrity of gameplay and accoung safety at risk. Today the team took to the official website to debunk some of the misconceptions and rumors surrounding the licensing agreement, alongside a detailed look at how the development team plan to counter the issues relating to security.

The post states that the team plan to remove all GM & Admin commands entirely with a brand new version of the game preventing outdated or client-side altered clients from connecting, while adding better encryption for client to server communication.

In the long term Ub3rGames hope to convert all of the current Java code to C++, which comes with huge improvements in itself, while also adjusting the client and server communication to feature as much authority on the server side as possible. For the full rundown check out the link below:

Source: Official Website

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