Darksiders II – Another ‘hardcore’ title coming to Wii U

Vigil Games has recently confirmed that Darksiders II, sequel to the popular and stylized action-adventure game released last year, will be available as a day one launch title. Hayden Dalton,?lead designer, told Digital Spy that they are currently developing the Wii U version of the game?alongside Xbox and PS3 versions.

While details haven?t been confirmed as to the specific differences in the Wii U version?compared to other versions of the game, Dalton was able to say that the core Darksiders II?game will be the same as other consoles, with the Wii U version enhanced with console specific?abilities.

Darksiders II has now become one of a list of titles confirmed for development on the Wii U, with?other titles including Tekken, Alien: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online, Ninja Gaiden 3 and?recently announced Assassin?s Creed III. Irrational Games? Kevin Levine, responsible for the?hugely popular Bioshock series, as well as other developers, have shown interest in developing?for the console.

While some of these games were confirmed during last year?s E3, the big announcements on?the future of the console will be discovered when Nintendo takes the floor at this year?s E3?conference, along with the release of the console slated for later this year.

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