Darkstar Legends Open Beta Underway Today

MMOG Asia recently confirmed the launch of the highly anticipated Open Beta testing period for the upcoming devil themed MMORPG game, Darkstar Legends 3D. The Open Beta is underway as of yesterday, June 18th 2015, and comes accompanied by newly released details on the website such as detailed character explanations, in-depth analytics of game features, exciting new trailers and more.

In Darkstar Legends players assume the role of one of 3 Archangel’s that are tasked with vanquishing the evil the plagues the world and destroying the Dark Regime once and for all. Players can choose from a myriad of hero classes, each boasting an interesting selection of skills and abilities. As players progress they’ll enjoy a free approach to character development as each class boasts a detailed skill tree that breaks away into many different elements.

The devil themed approach taken by the developers delivers a more immersive and breathtaking story-based experience than the typical browser MMO, offering a dark take on today’s more common MMO story elements. For more information check out the link below.

Source: Official Website

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