Crowfall Destroys All Funding Goals

The independent game development studio behind upcoming MMO Crowfall, ArtCraft Entertainment, today announced the future of the project following its hugely successful post-Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Crowfall’s Kickstarter journey is among the most successful in the crowd-source funding websites history as the developers original goal of $800,000 was completely destroyed and saw nearly 20,000 backers pledge a total of $1,766,204, with post-Kickstarter fundraising efforts raising that number to over $2 million.

The campaign continues to attract new supporters and currently boasts some of the highest dollar-per-backer stats in the industry. ArtCraft Entertainment Founder J. Todd Coleman and Executive Producer, Gordon Walton, recently took to the official website to inform players of the games current goals and future plans.

[quote cite=”ArtCraft Entertainment Founder J. Todd Coleman and Executive Producer, Gordon Walton”]”We weren’t sure what would happen post-Kickstarter. We knew that we would offer pledge bundles on our website, but would they get any traction? Obviously we hoped so, since the additional funding will only serve to make the game that much better, but would it grow or flatline? We had no idea what to expect. The answer is: our momentum is growing. In terms of overall pledges, total number of backers, and web traffic; every week is bigger than the previous.” [/quote]

Crowfall is described as a new take on the typical MMO experience as a “Massively Multiplayer Online Throne War Simulator”, offering players the chance to play pivotal roles such as kings, queens, mercs and assassins.

For more information on the post-Kickstarter journey of Crowfall check out the link below.

Source: Press Release

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