DayZ All Aboard The Alpha Train

Bohemia Interactive have made a great start to the festive period this year with the incredibly successful Alpha launch of the highly anticipated survival horror MMO, DayZ. The Early Access Alpha launch has hardly been available for 48 hours yet various reliable sources have posted figures shocking to even the most hardcore of DayZ fans.

One of the crew at Bohemia Interactive stated that they had sold over 88,000 copies in the first 12 hours. The creator of the original mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall, also stated that the game was attracting over 200 players per second during the first hour of launch.

88.000 survivors have joined Dayz Alpha in the first 12 hours. Thank you.? Maruk (@maruksp) December 17, 2013

So how’s it going now we’re almost 48 hours from the original release? The latest figures released state that DayZ Standalone Alpha has sold a massive 172,500 copies, reaching a staggering 142,403 concurrent players.

There’s practically zero content right now and more bugs that I can count but that hasn’t stopped fans flocking in their thousands.

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