New Capture Modes Introduced To Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games today announced the latest addition to the constantly expanding world of Grand Theft Auto Online with the introduction of new Capture game modes. These new team-based game modes are now available via the latest free update that launch earlier today on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live platforms. The update brings 20 unique new jobs spread across 4 distinct game modes, each offering various takes on the popular capture the flag style mechanics.

The first of the new game modes is Raid. Players will have to battle to reach their opponents base before stealing a package and returning it to their own. Next up is Hold, teams must spread out and collect as many packages as possible and store them in their base while the opponent team can choose to either find their own packages or steal from the enemy. Further game modes include GTA and Contend. GTA is a Fast and Furious style take on CTF as players are tasked with stealing target vehicles spread across the map, all the while dodging opponents and staying alive. Finally Contend, 1 package, 2 bases, sure you can work the rest out.

It’s still not the heist update so many are waiting for but the game is starving for content and any fresh features is sure to be welcomed by the player-base.

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