DC Universe Prepares For Next-Gen Launch

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A new producer letter from Sony Online Entertainment was released today highlighting the graphical aspects of the game as DC Universe prepares for its PlayStation 4 release. Following the release of its most recent DLC pack, Sons of Trigon, the DC Universe Online staff have been hard at work making adjustments to many other areas of the game as we near the PS4 launch next month.

The upcoming update, Game Update 31, is currently scheduled to release early November and brings with it a host of changes. Players can look forward to a game-wide graphical update, lots of polish and changes to the 1-30 leveling curve and a redesign of popular areas such as Gotham City and Metropolis.

In Game Update 31, we have made a combination of art upgrades that, when
taken together, offer a significantly improved visual experience. Most
notably, the level of detail on textures will be increased throughout
the game on PC and PlayStation?4, and that?s perhaps nowhere more
obvious than when observing the Earth from the Watchtower. We have also
taken the opportunity to rebuild areas like Centennial Park in
Metropolis and Robinson Park in Gotham City so that the visuals there
better match the story being told.  And, we have corrected and improved
hundreds of details in the environmental geometry throughout the game to
bring a better, seamless experience to all players, and these changes
will be in effect on all platforms, including the PlayStation?3.

The PlayStation 3 version will benefit from many of these changes but the biggest graphical differences will be noticed on the PC and PlayStation 4 versions. PS4 players can expect DC Universe to become available near launch.

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