Ex Blizzard & SOE Developers Form New Studio

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A new developer studio has opened in San Diego as Molten Games announces ongoing work on a brand new, AAA free-to-play MMORPG game. The new development studio consists of a variety of industry veterans with many members as former employees of Blizzard and Sony Online Entertainment.

The majority of the development team are currently unknown however Molten Games have stated that Della Bitta, former Senior Director of Global Community Development at Blizzard, and Blaine Smith, former Lead Designer for Pox Nora and Company of Heroes Online, have both joined the studio.

“With the advent of mobile and social games, some gamers are starting to
associate free-to-play with games that don’t have the depth or overall
quality level that was expected of a PC or console title of the past. Honestly, the PC online space is huge, much bigger even than mobile. We
were trying to talk to people who really understood the space and had a
similar strategic vision as to where the industry was going. So we were
much more selective in the fundraising process.”

Molten Games have also announced that they have received millions in backing from popular MMO publisher NCSoft, the company behind games such as Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul and WildStar.

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