Demon Crusade Closed Beta Announced

NGames and Game321 are thrilled to announced a Demon Crusade closed beta date of July 29th, 2014 at 21:00 (CDT). Set to continue for an undisclosed amount of time, select lucky players will have the opportunity to influence the final product of this upcoming, brand new free-to-play fantasy/action browser MMORPG. Demon Crusade is currently on track for a full release later this year.

Daily competitions will be running through the beta event, such as 24-Hour Ladder Fights or Arcade Masters modes. As an added bonus, those participating in the limited Demon Crusade closed beta will be granted access to two special beta reward programs:

1. NGames is throwing tons of extra items and treats at players who help test the cash shop. Special gift packs are on offer for players topping up for the first time, including items worth a massive 2,000+ ingots (Demon Crusade’s in-game currently).
2. VIP2 players below level 40 can also take advantage of the Growth Fund, which rewards adventurers with valuable extra crystals after every 5 levels.

In Demon Crusade, players will play as either a Warrior, a Gunner or a Mage as they journey to protect the Demon Temple from destruction. The game is all about player choice as each class allows customization of unique attributes and gear. Upgrading your character and assembling the perfect team, consisting of both friends and NPCs, will be the fastest way to excel in the game’s smooth combat to ultimately find the missing Great Devil.

Players interested in the casual gameplay experience to be offered in Demon Crusade should keep to MMO ATK for future news, announcements and giveaways. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a game with a similar feel, we recommend the F2P browser MMORPGs Angel Alliance or Knight’s Fable!

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