Tribal Wars 2 Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

[keys id=129156]*Update!*  We have been given a second batch of 500 keys on 8/20/2014.  Get them quick!!

MMO Attack and InnoGames have teamed up to offer fans of Tribal Wars a chance to play in the closed beta for their latest MMORTS, Tribal Wars 2.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO Attack account
2. Head over the the Tribal Wars 2 website
3. Register for your account, or sign-in
4. Use the closed beta-key from above when registering for access!

[heading]Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay[/heading]

Tribal Wars 2 Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Swordsman Beta Key Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to offer fans of Swordsman, a chance to get into the closed beta.  As part of redeeming your beta key and getting access to the closed beta, you will also special promo items once Swordsman leaves closed beta and enters open beta.

*Swordsman is not currently in closed beta (as of 5/19/2014).  This key will allow you to pre-download so you’re ready when it begins!

*The Swordsman Closed Beta Began on June 17th 2014*

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Download and install Arc (PWE’s games portal)
3. Log in with your Perfect World account
4. Click on your username in the upper right corner and select Redeem key
5. Use the key from above and enjoy!

[heading]Swordsman Gameplay Trailer[/heading]

Swordsman Gameplay Trailer

Top 10 Best MMORPGs Remaining In 2013

Half a year ago, MMO Attack rung in the new year by discussing the top MMORPGs to keep an eye on in 2013. Some of the games have released successfully as planned, while others have fallen flat or pushed to a later date. A lot can change in six months. That?s why I felt the need to hunt down the remaining MMORPGs that are due to still (possibly) release by the time 2013 is over.

Dragons Prophet, Infinite Crisis, MechWarrior Online and more! – The Daily XP May 8th

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