Destiny Beta Access Available With Pre-Orders

A few days ago rumors surfaced that suggested Bungee will be granting access to the closed beta event for those that pre-order the next-generation MMOFPS title, Destiny. Those rumors have now been confirmed as several retailers update their websites to feature such an offer.

Currently Amazon, GAME, Walmart and other big retailers on both sides of the pond have stated that they offer closed beta access with their pre-order programs. I cannot clarify for other outlets but GAME is giving players who previously pre-ordered the same treatment, I would expect the other websites to be doing the same. So watch your inbox if you’ve pre-ordered Destiny online.

Bungee have yet to reveal an official release date but the general placeholder floats around the June 30th mark next year. Players can expect access to the closed beta sometime during Q1 of 2014.

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