Heroic Characters Introduced To EverQuest II

Sony Online Entertainment are providing a little additional incentive to join the citizens of Norrath as they reveal the Heroic Characters features in EverQuest II. The new event gives players the opportunity to create a level 85 Heroic Character, whether they’re a veteran or exploring Norrath for the first time. Heroic Characters gives players the opportunity to leap into the heart of the EverQuest II content in the build up to the Tears of Veeshan expansion release in November.

For a limited time this option is available to players for free as Sony Online Entertainment grant all accounts a single Heroic Character slot. The promotion ends on October 15th so be sure to create your hero before that date if you want to sample the end-game content on offer in EverQuest II.

All Heroic Characters will be able to advance to level 86 for free of charge, giving players chance to sample the content with a free flying mount, high-quality armor and tons of consumables. All current characters can also upgrade to a Heroic Character with 280 AAs as long as they’re not beyond level 85.


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