SMITE Mercury Patch Notes Released

Hi-Rez Bart has just published the latest patch notes for the recently deployed Mercury patch for the hit free MOBA game, SMITE. The newest patch sees the introduction of Mercury, the fastest God alive, as well as the usual fixes and adjustments to various items and struggling God’s.

Ne Zha and Agni are the latest God’s to receive the golden treatment with Mercury and Arachne given an audio treat in the form of new voice packs. I’ve yet to sample the new God but judging from the patch notes, Mercury appears to be based around movement and attack speed; with many of his abilities taking advantage of both stats. Hi-Rez have also introduced 6 brand new items featuring everything from physical and magical lifesteal to increased healing after a kill.

Although Hi-Rez have a great reputation with past patches the Mercury patch has introduced a number of unforeseen problems. Currently all voice packs have been disabled following corrupted data and rumors are suggesting that using Bastet’s ultimate ability can also cause a client crash. Hi-Rez has promised to keep players informed on the official Reddit page.

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