Developers Explain Player Storage In Crowfall

Following the incredibly successful Kickstarter launch for Crowfall today developers ArtCraft Entertainment updated the page with a new post offering additional insight into the two announced storage features, Embargo Bank and Account Storage.

The updated blog entry includes a detailed FAQ that provides insight on the two different storage types. The Embargo Bank will feature as a campaign or world specific storage that allows players to store items and gear acquired through that specific campaign. However, the usage of this storage does not guarantee that items will avoid destruction once a campaign is finished. Upon completion of a campaign certain items and get will be moved to the Account Bank based on the performance of the players guild and faction as well as individual contribution. The better the performance of player and allies, the more gear and items will be transferred at the end of a campaign. Embargo Banks will be in set locations throughout the world of Crowfall and will be safe from looting.

The additional storage option, titled simply Account Bank, is a more traditional MMO banking option as it acts as an account-wide storage that can be accessed by all characters on a single account. For more information, or the official FAQ, check the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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