Diablo 3 – Patch 1.0.3a to remove level cap and act restrictions

On a recent post on a message board, Blizzard had decided that any new users who were going to buy the digital version of Diablo 3 online, had to wait for the payment verification in order to play, which would potentially take up to three days to confirm.

As of the 26th, Blizzard had removed the restrictions with a new patch 1.0.3a. Some of the restrictions that were placed on all the digital copies were unintended. People did not end up too happy with these boundaries in place and the outrage that was displayed by the customers demanding that their voice to be heard was a huge example of what they are able to achieve in doing so. The unintended aspect of these restrictions were the players who had bought the game digitally after the patch 1.0.3 were temporarily being capped at level 13 and not able to proceed beyond the first Act.

Blizzard?s reasoning for these restrictions were to help ensure the integrity of the players in regards to the game and auction houses. They wanted to discourage credit card fraud which they said helped in terms of reducing gold spamming and other activities that were considered to be harmful and have a negative impact on the game experience for everyone playing.

The security standards that they have put in place for the digital purchases still stand as follows until payment verification is complete:

? No public game access for unverified digital purchasers
? No auction house access (real-money or gold) for unverified digital purchasers
? Unverified digital purchasers cannot trade items or drop items for other players to receive
? Unverified digital purchasers are not able to chat in any public or game channels
? Unverified digital purchasers cannot attach a custom message to friend requests, but they can send/accept friend requests, and play with their friends
? Global Play is not available for unverified digital purchasers

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