Final Fantasy – All The Bravest Released For iOS

On a strange planet called Earth,
there exists a magical land where the chronology of daily life begins. That
land is known as New Zealand.

A few days ago Square Enix teased the
release of a big announcement along with what should have been considered vague character
silhouettes until January 17th. While most Final Fantasy fanatics are stuck in present day waiting, New Zealanders
are on spoiler patrol in the future. It?s officially January 17th
somewhere in our world, and that place has graciously confirmed the release of All The Bravest for the iOS.

Yesterday, Final Fantasy devotees
took to the web and used their gaming knowledge to unofficially confirm that
the big silhouette is none other than the behemoth from Final Fantasy 6. Smaller silhouettes could have represented newer character designs, but most take
the shape of famous sprites used repeatedly throughout the series.

Fans sure know their stuff because the
game page confirms that ?The
Active Time Battle system is back with the largest parties in FINAL FANTASY
history!?   The
pick-up-and-go RPG is sure to appease the begging for a long overdue remake and
revitalize the life of old school favorites in a fun, fast paced manner. Square-Enix
is doing exactly what other companies should: remake the games that made the company
popular and more importantly that dedicated fans want most.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest promises to bring 20 classic jobs with their specialized
move sets, famous foes (such as the behemoth mentioned earlier), and over 30
songs from the series that are perfect for such a rapid battle system. This doesn?t
include the plethora of content fans can purchase, including characters from
every game in the series popular worlds from certain Final Fantasy installments (VII, X, XIII).

Most importantly, the new release
promises to bring innovation that didn?t exist in the classic pixelated series.
With global leader boards and social networking features, players will be able
to compete for top spots and overall bragging rights. It might be a minor
addition but it?s something that often drives people to stay dedicated to a
game and overall franchise.

You could wait for the full release Head
on over to the iTunes store and get all the jam packed action on your phone or
tablet today, because you can! What better way to show off your ability to time

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