District 187 – M4A1-Gold Weapon Code Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK has teamed up with CJ Games to deliver to you a great in-game item rental!

M4A1-Gold One-Day Trial
Item Detail: A Gold-plated variation of the M16 and comparable to the AK rifle. This weapon provides considerably high destructive power with stable performance and is easy to handle. Try this new rifle and rule District 187!

Redemption Guide:
1)    Sign Up with Netmarble (www.netmarble.com)
2)    Sign In and go to SHOP> Redeem Codes (http://www.netmarble.com/shop/redeem.asp)
3)    Choose District 187 and enter Your PromoCode with hyphen (-)
4)    To receive item, you need to run District 187 open your mailbox.
5)    Go to ?Shop/Inventory? to equip
6)    Enjoy M4A1-Gold for 24 hours!

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