Diving Deeper Into WildStars 80 Player PvP

Last week Carbine Studios teased the MMO community with a small insight into the Warplots system but today, they’ve blow it wide open. Today marks the release of the second Warplots DevSpeak video which gives WildStar fans the opportunity to dive even deeper into the chaotic blend of strategy and scale with the massive 80 man PvP matches available in WildStar.

Warplots combine the traditionally relaxing elements of housing and blows them to smithereens with devastating siege warfare. Gather your allies, muster your friends, it’s time to build a monstrous abode that’s almost certain to get entirely annihilated by the opposition right before your very eyes.

The 40v40 Warplots become accessible to all players once they reach level 50. Each team begins with a fortress that they can upgrade and modify via War Coins. Players must either disable all enemy structures and generators or kill every enemy player to claim victory. Enough of me, check out the video below:


Source: Press Release

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