Bastet Set To Dominate In Latest SMITE Patch

Hi-Rez Studios weekly SMITE Wednesday maintenance has and come and gone, bringing with it a devilish new skin for the beastly Bastet. Night Prowler Bastet is now available to purchase in-game, a slight mix between a fanged dominatrix and Cat Woman, she also comes complete with a special Night Prowler voicepack add-on for those that already purchased her vocal buff.

The recently released Scarlet Coven has also been treated to a unique voice pack for her new skin while Frost Maiden Freya and Ms Diagnosis Neith have both seen their loading screen cards get quite the makeover.

This is actually one of the smallest patches since the launch of the free-to-play online MOBA game with only minor tweaks to God animations and ability bugs. Nemesis was the only God to see a change to numbers this week with a change to the previously overpowered Retribution shield ability. The Bastet Night Prowler video showcase can be seen below and for more information on the patch notes, check out the official website.
Source: Official Website

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