DK Online Beta Item Giveaway

[keys id=129156]Aeria Games and MMO ATK have teamed up to give away beta items for the newly released fantasy MMORPG, DK Online!

DK Online is a free to play fantasy based MMORPG game where you are thrown into the medieval world of Litos.  A malevolent ancient dragon known as Kharvag has reemerged after being defeated by the legendary heroes known as Dragon Knights.  The evil dragon Kharvag and his minions have been terrorizing the land, sending it into a chaos.  As a player you must reestablish the order of the land and put an end to the terror and chaos that Kharvag has started.

[heading]How to redeem your code:[/heading]
Download DK Online FIRST.

2. Login to DK Online and
create a character.

3. Go to the Item Mall.

4. Enter your Gift Code from below in the

5. Press B in game and open
your “Stash” tab.

6. Double click the items to
move them to your inventory.

[heading]The item giveaway package contains:[/heading]
10 – Lv. 5 Power Stone III – Increases the success chance of enchanting a piece of equipment.

15 – Lucky

the success chance of inserting a rune into a piece of equipment.

15 –
Protective Rune

the destruction of runes upon failing to insert a rune into a piece of

1 – Rune
Mystery Box

A Mystery
box that contains several random runes.

1 –
Songbird Poppet

Summons a
Songbird Poppet that Increases your stats. Lasts for 7 Days.

1 –
Campfire Package

campfires that increases HP/MP regeneration for everyone within 20 yards.
Campfire lasts for 30 minutes.

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