Thoughts on Casting While Moving – MMOpinion

There has been somewhat of a shift with recent MMOs in regards to casting.  The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 being prime examples.  In both those games, you can cast spells while moving.  In the past it was always sort of ‘known’ that if you are casting, you will have to be standing still.  Heck I even catch myself standing still while casting in Guild Wars 2, just because I’ve been so accustomed to it.  

Now traditionalists might say that this new form of casting will unbalance new games, especially during PvP.  It has always been a known weakness with casters that because you have such high damage spells, you must then be limited in movement. With that out the window does that make casters that much more powerful or am I just thinking too hard?

So what are your opinions?  Do you think that casters should be able to do so while moving about freely?  Do you think they need to stay put unless they want to interrupt their spell?  Does this make casters more powerful?  Tell me!

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