DK Online – PvP Gameplay Features Revealed

Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has outlined the rousing PvP features in the MMORPG game, DK Online, following the recent limelight on the PvE content for the game.

The PvP features in DK Online are one of its strongest focuses and are reflected by the diversity of the different classes? gameplay:

?Leading the charge are the melee masters, Warriors and Paladins, who can get up close and connect for serious damage. Even at range these brawlers are dangerous, thanks to key abilities in their skill set that help close the gap through slowing and stun effects. Sorceresses, conversely, would do well to exploit the range difference with their high-powered spells, while Shadowmages dish out the pain with a unique mixture of debuffs to weaken their foes while weaving in damaging magic.?

In addition to the clashes between individual players, DK Online also has several large-scale PvP options that are currently in development:

?For an all-out war for honor and bragging rights, RvR (realm vs. realm) is a titanic battle pitting players from one faction against another. The huge swarm of players locked in deadly combat is undeniably epic to witness, let alone take part in.?

There is also something for the partakers in guilds ? Castle Siege mode is the ultimate challenge for guilds seeking a PvP experience:

?This mode provides highly coordinated matches between the most competitive guilds on a server. Attacking guilds will assault the castle stronghold of another, and the victor of the battle earns ownership of the castle and all the amenities therein?at least until other guilds come along to challenge them next week!?

DK Online will be available for free downloading and will also, as all other Aeria games are, be free-to-play. Players are able to sign up for a closed beta now at

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