Stronghold Kingdom is going Gold

Firefly Studios has announced that their popular Castle MMO has now gone gold, with a release date set for Wednesday, October 17th, 2012. Stronghold Kingdoms will be officially leaving its open beta phase next week. Stronghold Kingdoms will be released with a new update that adds all-new sound effects to the game.

?New sound effects have been one of the most frequently requested features for Stronghold Kingdoms, adding a layer of immersion to the game that appeals to players new and old. Battles now rumble with the marching and clash of armies, scouts can be heard galloping to their next target and traders carting off to the parish capital with their goods. There are also a number of sounds added to the user interface, providing better feedback for players.?

Nick Tannahill, Marketing Manager at Firefly Studios, had the following to say concerning the new release. ?In the current free to play climate it?s not uncommon for games to stay in beta for more than a year before seeing release. In the case of Kingdoms we wanted to wait until the game felt complete before leaving beta and with the new sound effects we feel we?ve achieved that. This is really a celebration of all the tweaking, balancing and feature building the team has been doing over the past year and a half. We feel it?s a milestone worthy of a full release.?

Stronghold Kingdoms will remain to be free-to-play and players can play it by clicking below!
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