DOFUS & Wakfu – Developer Plans Released

Ankama, developers behind the incredibly cute MMO games DOFUS & Wakfu, have just released details on the development plan for both games throughout 2013. Detailed in the announcement are a huge selection of improvements across both games including new Guild vs. Guild combat, additional trophies and a new Kolossium casual PvP feature.

A number of the planned updates will be available on both titles at the same time. This is part of the constant goal of bridging the 2 communities between 2 very similar games. Below are some of the contents planned for both titles.

  • April: Frigost – The great ice continent was already introduced to DOFUS via two previous chapter updates but the eagerly anticipated episode 3 will arrive in April. The update will be host to the coveted Ice Dofus Dragon Egg and a variety of new dungeons and boss fights; and will also be the first introduction to Frigost for Wakfu players.
  • June: Guild vs. Guild System – DOFUS players can look forward to a brand new feature that will eventually replace the current alignment system; offering guilds the opportunity to forge new alliances and conquer enemy territories. While in the world of Wakfu the Haven World system will be introduced, offering guilds the ability to gather resources and construct their own land.
  • August: Wabbit Island – DOFUS players can expect a new boss and a variety of new quests on the recently added island; although currently exclusive to DOFUS, Wakfu players can expect to see the full island entering their game in August.
  • December: Krosmoz Vigilantes – Little is known about the Krosmoz Vigilantes but they will be invading both games in December.

As well as the combined updates featured above both sets of players have an absolutely huge list of updates heading to their game of choice. DOFUS players can expect to see over 80 new trophies introduced this month, with multiple boss fights heading to the game in May. September and October will also see some big changes in the form of a new village and the Kolossium PvP feature.

Wakfu players have just as many reasons to get excited as this month will see the release of the eagerly anticipated Masqueraider class alongside multiple new dungeons. It’s the year of boss fights for Wakfu players as coming months will see the introduction of Ultimate Bosses and two new islands to house them.

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