Double Dragon rebooted for new consoles

The classic arcade game, originally published by the Taito Corporation in 1987, revolves around the story of twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee as they fight the Black Warriors gang to save Marian, their love interest. The game is truly a classic, so much so that Majesco Entertainment and WayForward have rebooted the game for this generation.

In?Double Dragon: Neon, players will be once again be following Billy and Jimmy as they fight to save Marian. As well as punching, kicking and grappling their way through thugs, monsters and bosses, players will also be picking up weapons while travelling to ?strange places like space and the mystic orient?. The brothers will also be able to upgrade via a new mixtape system, giving them various boosts as well as a fireball attack. Those who grew up with the classic game may find some of these changes a little more than disconcerting.

Double Dragon: Neon?is listed for release on Xbox Live and Playstation Network in Summer 2012, and is currently playable at PAX East.

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