Dragomon Hunter Founder’s Packs Giveaway

We have 10 Founder’s Packs to give away to our fans in this video giveaway.

To win: Make sure you are subscribed to the channel and comment below telling us why you should win.

Winners will be chosen Friday 10/30

Play Dragomon Hunter: http://mmo-it.com/oj5

*You must have an Aeria ID in order to win, you’ll tell me your Aeria name and we will get the founders packs on your account.


8 thoughts on “Dragomon Hunter Founder’s Packs Giveaway”

  1. Man14235


    Looking for New MMo’s To play and enjoy!

    This game looks really polished and enjoyable to play. I haven’t looked to much in detail about the overall gameplay of Dragomon Hunters, but just from the initial preview of the game really makes me want too play it. Plus if i get a Founder Packs that just means i get a head start on my Friends mwhahaha.

  2. I’m currently playing Dragomon Hunter and completely loving it. Aeria has been fantastic since CBT and I’ll continue to support them throughout OBT. I’d appreciate the pack because it adds another thing to experience to this already fantastic game.

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