Eden Eternal Review

Rating: 8

Intro: Eden Eternal is a game to blow you away with it’s 3D anime design and one of a kind class system that allows you to switch classes at will. People of all ages can appreciate the slick features in this popular game. It comes highly recommended as a game to look out for.

Publisher: Aeria Games

Player base: High

Graphics: High


Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Arena, Duels, Guild Battles

File size: 1.74GB

Pros: Unique class system, Great interface, Stunning graphics, Guild towns, Pets.

Cons: Grinding, Repetitive.


The saga begins long ago, when races from all corners of the world set sail toward the horizon, each searching for a brighter future. One by one, they arrived at the Central Continent, an untouched land. Living together in peaceful harmony, they worked side-by-side to construct their utopia. However, each race began forming its own ideas about what was most important for their collective future. Arguments turned to fights, then all-out war. Conflict replaced cooperation, and bloodshed ripped the new world apart. Then one day, a group of mysterious heroes appeared, possessing incredible strength of mind and body?as well as the ability to use magic. Endowed with powerful skills, the new heroes fought to end the conflict among the disenchanted. They drove back the ferocious beasts born of the continent’s hatred, and taught the people to re-discover hope. These heroes were the Eternal Guardians.


Eternal Guardians possess so much power, they’re never limited to just one class per character. Start as a Warrior or Magician, then?freely swap?between classes as you unlock them. Characters will discover a total of?16 playable classes, on their journey through the Central Continent, from the nimble Thief class to the mystical Shaman class. Eden Eternal’s class system is composed of 5 branches, each containing 3-4 classes. Every 5-10 levels, you’ll unlock a new playable class. The best part? Once unlocked, your character can swap between each class at any time. Easily switch from Warrior to Illusionist to Bard and back again all in the same play session. Your class level is entirely different from your character level. Each has its own EXP bar, and will acquire EXP and level separately. The freedom of easy class transformation infinitely deepens Eden Eternal’s gameplay experience.

The combat in Eden Eternal is fast and furious, with powerful attacks from fearsome beasts coming from every side. The game’s?one-of-a-kind Break Point System?is designed to keep even the longest battles interesting–target a boss’s weaknesses to do extra damage, then watch as it becomes visibly injured and its attacks falter.

Every MMO has guilds, but in Eden Eternal,?guilds can build their own towns. Construct and upgrade various buildings, from warehouse storage buildings to player housing, as you help your guild create its own bustling neighbourhood.

By far the best thing about this game is its looks. The anime styling is rich and unique and the character design will blow you away. Play this game if you are looking for a sleek and chic MMO with great playability!

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