The Elder Scrolls Online Console Launch Confirmed 2015…..Again

Zenimax Online Studios posted a special holiday greetings message today, thanking The Elder Scrolls Online community for their support and discussing the future of ESO in 2015. The announcement contains the typical holiday well-wishes but some outlets have decided to milk it for all it’s worth. It’s Christmas, websites need content and PR are all off toasting their toes in front of an open fire with marshmallows, but to say the announcement confirms a 2015 release is a little lackluster.

At the beginning of this month Game Director Matt Firor took to the site to discuss upcoming features, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch and the general direction the game is heading. In that article he suggests that delays have been due to unforeseen complications but the team decided not to launch the console versions until the Champion and Justice systems are in place – updates that are already confirmed for early 2015.

Reading between the lines, and not to mention another delay of over a year would kill the console release entirely, and it was safe to assume a 2015 release.

[quote cite=”The Elder Scrolls Online”]Happy holidays to all of you from all of us. We hope they’re filled with adventure, feasting, and the best loot of all: time spent with your favorite party members. We’re taking a short break to have our own feasting and festivities, so pass the roast guar and break out the mead! We’ll return to charge into the new year on January 5th.[/quote]

Source: Official Website

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