Elite: Dangerous Alpha Testing 2 Underway

Frontier Developments today announced that the fourth phase of Alpha testing is underway for the upcoming science-fiction MMORPG game, Elite: Dangerous. The new Alpha build will offer players a much-expanded game world complete with more scale, scope and depth.

Accompanying the Alpha 4 release are a selection of brand new ships, trading options and new travel features. The developers also revealed that premium members will be able to enjoy the new options of Alpha 4 on Friday, May 30th.

Two additional methods of travel make their full debut in Alpha 4;
super-cruise for accelerated within-system travel and hyperspace jumps
for travel between systems.  There are also new ships available to
pilots, including the Anaconda.
The five Alpha 4 star systems are themselves set within 400,000,000
star systems of the Milky Way galaxy, all of which are moving correctly;
spinning and orbiting in an incredible ballet.  Whilst exploration is
currently limited to the five Alpha 4 systems, the ‘night sky’ is
accurate wherever you travel.

For more information you can visit the official website or check out the Alpha trailer from phase 3 below.


Source: MMORPG

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