Ground Forces Expansion Arrives In War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment have announced that the eagerly awaited Ground Forces expansion for the critically-acclaimed War Thunder is now live, giving the 6 million strong player base the opportunity to enjoy the fast-paced combat on an all new battlefield.

“Our goal from the beginning with War Thunder
was to create a game that allows players to safely experience the
perils of a full scale world war. The rumble you hear in the distance,
is the sound of many of our six million players launching their earth
shaking attacks using heavily armored ground forces. Players who prefer
aerial battles better keep one eye in the air and one eye on the ground
because the Ground Forces Expansion has launched!”,  said Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment.

Players are now able to create their own military force consisting of brand new tanks alongside the already impressive arsenal of available aircraft. The Ground Forces expansion also introduces all new player progression options, a variety of Soviet and German ground-based vehicles and an exciting new selection of artillery and anti-air weaponry.

A new game mode, Combined Arms, has also been prepped ready for release. Offering players a new way to enjoy War Thunder with player-controlled ground vehicles fighting alongside AI troops and allied aircraft.

Source: Press Release

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