F.E.A.R Online Returns With Exciting New Features

Aeria Games today announced that the highly anticipated MMOFPS, F.E.A.R Online, will be launching its next beta testing phase on May 26th alongside the addition of an exciting list of new features. The developers were overwhelmed with the feedback received during the early alpha testing phase and they have said that this feedback will be used to improve the game for its next beta launch.

F.E.A.R Online is the first MMO adaptation of the popular horror franchise and Aeria Games hope to capture the intense atmosphere and exhilarating gameplay offer by its predecessors. The upcoming beta will see an entirely new approach to F.E.A.R Online with the introduction of brand new maps and scenarios and an extensive redesign of the games popular crafting system. The new crafting feature will offer players a huge variety of new weapons to unlock, including the ability to craft items exclusive to your character.

Cooperative scenarios offer the main bulk of content in the game as players team up and explore 10 ominous maps filled with grotesque remains of the last teams brave enough to explore these perilous areas.

Beta begins on May 26th with beta keys expected to release “soon”. To sign up for the F.E.A.R Online beta, click here.

Source: Press Release

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