Elsword – New PvP Tag Mode Now Available

Earlier today Kill3erCombo, developers of the popular hack and slash MMO Elsword, announced the launch of the highly anticipated Tag Team mode. PvP is already a large part of the Elsword appeal and this additional mode gives players even more reason to lock swords with their biggest rivals.

The Tag Team mode involves a new central arena with waiting areas for each team; separating the participants from those waiting on the sidelines. The PvP combatants will have the option of tagging another player at any point during the fight, as long as they’re able to reach the portal. Following a typical arena based combat approach, the team that eliminates all of the opposing fighters first will be declared victorious. With the impressive character and class list features in Elsword, the different possible combination of tag partners is almost limitless; adding a huge amount of variety to the PvP combat.

Elsword already features an impressive PvP repertoire that boasts in-depth matchmaking and a variety of gameplay modes, most of which can support up to 4v4 combat. The PvP Tag Mode is the latest addition to the Elsword Transformation campaign, a series of updates that promises to take Elsword to the next level.

For more information on Kill3rCombo’s Elsword, or to give the game a shot, click below!
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