Neverwinter – Founder Pack Details & New Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have just announced details regarding the new Founder Packages for the massively anticipated, Neverwinter. Launching as a free-to-play MMO game, PWE have given Neverwinter fans a chance to get guaranteed access to upcoming beta events as well as unique in-game items; with the purchase of 3 different packages.

The most basic package, the Neverwinter Starter Kit, will offer items at the value of $49.99; with a $19.99 price tag on the package. The items include an Amulet of Protection, a 12-slot inventory bag and an Adventurer’s Helper Pack that includes a variety of exciting items including a 10,000 XP Booster.

The Guardian of Neverwinter Pack offers $149 worth of goods for an impressive $59.99. This package boasts a unique Direwolf pet, an armored horse mount, a unique mask and guaranteed access to the upcoming beta events. The package also features some of the benefits from the prior tier including the Adventurer’s Helper Pack and an impressive amount of the premium currency, Astral Diamonds.

The third and final package is the most expensive of all but it boasts a massive variety of incentives. Worth $549 and sold for $199.99, the Hero of the North Founders Pack includes a unique Panther pet, access to an exclusive class, an armored spider mount, VIP access to beta events, early access to exclusive in-game areas and much, much more.

Neverwinter already has a massive following and is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated MMO games of 2013; have you been following development or is this one you’ll let fly by? Leave your comments below.

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