Elsword Online – New Weapon Based Character Available

Kill3rCombo continue their efforts to revive Elsword Online with Transformation as they unleash the latest class for the deadly melee character, Raven. An action MMORPG that offers a huge variety of different characters, each with their own classes, has been the target of heavy improvements recently with Kill3rCombo determined to flood the game with new content.

The multi-month Transformation campaign continues with this latest addition to the class roster. Already boasting intense firepower and abilities Raven players can now look forward to a brand new overheat mode. The new Weapon Taker abilities see Raven wielding giant metal claws that can turn into weapons of complete destruction. The new overheat mode will provide additional incendiary damage to all enemies, but will also reduce Raven’s health. Leaving players with the tactical choice of damage for survivability.

Sharing similarities of the pain felt by X-Men’s Wolverine, Raven’s metallic claws were grafted on him against his will; but it soon became an integral part of the characters personality and combat style. Stay tuned in future weeks for more updates with Elsword Online Transformation.

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