Scarlet Blade – Closed Beta Begins

Exciting news for mature MMORPG fans! Aeria Games have just announced the immediate launch of the final phase before Scarlet Blade’s release, the closed beta event. The human race has been pushed to the brink of extinction by the evil Narak. The only hope remains in a force of genetically engineered female warriors, the Arkana.

Based in a futuristic science fiction setting Scarlet Blade offers players luscious female characters, gorgeous environments and a variety of deadly dungeons.

?This is a monumental day for Aeria Games and our vast community of dedicated fans,? said JT Nguyen, Chief Operating Officer, Aeria Games. ?Through its polished gameplay, huge PvP battles, and eye-catching visuals, Scarlet Blade has garnered one of the largest followings of any MMO that we?ve ever had the privilege to publish. We?re very excited and confident that it will be a strong flagship title for many years to come.?

Aeria Games have also released new Founder’s Packs for those wanting to get a little head-start. The packages will include exclusive mounts, a variety of costumes and even some real-life prizes in the form of Scarlet Blade flasks and posters.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get access to Scarlet Blade’s closed beta event, we’ve got some exciting goodies for you. Our Scarlet Blade closed beta item giveaway is live and kicking! Head to the page for your chance to grab some exclusive closed beta items including experience points boosts and skill resets.

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