Empire Online

Empire Online is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG from Lakoo available on both iOS and Android devices. The game boasts over 12 million players worldwide and features classic turn-based game battles. A good strategy will be key in defeating your friends, enemies and conquering the game’s more than 1,000 missions.

Players will have access to a massive variety of weapons, armor and other equipment through completing missions and building their empire. Over 6,000 unique items allow players to create a character that looks and plays unique according to their preferences. A character’s class will determine their base role when starting out, but that class does not limit the potential of a character! All skills can be learned cross-class. Combine items of any different sort to truly make your character your own.

In-game events are held on a regular basis in Empire Online to create new challenges for players and to give unique opportunities to earn new equipment. Use these items on your own character or trade them to others for other needed items or for money. Creating and overseeing your own business trades is just one of the benefits of playing in a mobile MMORPG setting like Empire Online.

More over, Empire Online’s mobile MMORPG capabilities allow players band together. Joining forces increases your power, which in turn will help you expand your empire beyond anything you thought possible. You can get by on your own, but you can thrive and excel with friends by your side.

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